What We Do


Our device optimizes training efficiency, helps with injury prevention, and provides statistical analyses of historical data. 

Data is communicated using simple recommendations and intuitive visualizations in real-time on your smartphone. Even more detailed analysis will be available on a cloud server.

Integrated social features will allow people to share and compare their data with friends, competitors, and the professionals they aspire to emulate.


We take the capabilities of a cumbersome $40,000 clinical technology and make it accessible to anyone for only a couple hundred dollars.

Utilizing the power of electromyography (EMG), our products will provide unparalleled insight into your muscles.

Our technology also includes the capabilities of fitness devices already on the market such as heart rate, calories burned, hydration, and body fat monitoring.


Our products will provide more than just an innovative technological advantage. Unlike other products, our apps will focus on particular sports and activities. No more ambiguity. With our device, users will get the metrics they need to improve or excel in their preferred sport. 

An open platform will allow developers to utilize our hardware in any way imaginable. With our technology, users get what they want, not what others think they should have.